We Provide Health Care Media Monitoring

We've had great success monitoring the news for companies, identifying opportunities to grow and protect their businesses

We focus on neighborhood, city-specific and regional newsletters and newspapers, AND on health-care specific newsletters and newspapers.

Our experience shows that these are the hardest to find using typical online services.

Capture critical news that will allow your organization to stay on top of what others say about your organization, ahead of the marketplace. Monitor your brands, competitors, bloggers, journalists, industry, influentials, and more. An editor works with you to understand your needs. Daily media reports eliminate multiple repeats of stories while simultaneously choosing the best sources.

If your challenge is that ...

CRGI's media monitoring is the solution ...

A proprietary system that generates results as custom as you need. If you can describe it, a CRGI editor can make recommendations and work with you until you get the results you need.

This Is Not An Automated System

CRGI is a boutique firm that provides media monitoring services focused on health care industry and offered to healthcare organizations. CRGI's time-tested service provides communications and marketing executives with an objective source of media monitoring - but eliminates the annoying redundancy and lack of context found with automated systems.

We specialize in combining readily available national sources with harder-to-find regional and local news publications and blogs, sometimes contacting these sources to find these stories for our clients.

The service includes morning email delivery each business day. You may receive close but unintrusive attention via telephone and/or email from your editor. As we work with you, your feedback enhances our understanding of what your organization needs.

In addition to your daily brief, you can choose to have access to an archive that can be customized to include your organization's branding, internal contacts, and more. Call us today at (510) 852-9304 for a free consultation.

Case Study

The Issue

A hospital wanted to protect their brand and retain good relations with the community as they expanded their enterprise in order to provide new and improved services. The client knew that the local and regional newspapers and TV stations often focused on negative events, such as lawsuits, parking problems, and noise issues. Positive events, such as the availability of new procedures and new medical equipment, have a harder time getting press.

The Solution

CRGI worked with this client to design a custom media monitoring project which involved identifying (over several months) the exact people, organizations and issues that needed to be monitored. The sources varied from nationally known newspapers to local, free newspapers, to social media sources.

By tracking the issues and preferences of local reporters, the client increased the number of positive stories written about their enterprise.

Ready to start, or need to learn more? You can speak to us on (510) 852-9304 discuss your news monitoring needs. (You'll speak with Patrice, not a salesperson.) Or if you prefer, send an email to help [at] curtisresearch.com.

Case Study

The Issue

An experienced marketer wanted to explore the options of starting an online business to support holistic health providers. The client understood, however, that research up front could help refine the viability of the business idea, literally saving several multiples of the cost of the research.

The Solution

Through guided conversation and interviews with the client, CRGI revealed areas that needed to be explored before going forward with the business idea. The result is that the client took a strategic step back in order to further refine their plans.

Call (510) 852-9304 today to have a straight conversation about your news monitoring needs. Or if you prefer, send an email to help [at] curtisresearch.com.

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